Thursday, December 19, 2013


Okay, so it's been a while, since i last posted here. One and a half years, to be specific. Since then we have moved from the pretty little house that we rented in the country, to an appartment in the suburbs. It was mianly due to our land lady acting strange, but also the rent was much to high out there.

So nowadays i dream about life on a farm, while i go about my business in the suburbs. It is actually a pretty flat, and the neighbourhood is much better than its reputation. I will take a break from my studies when this semester is over in January, so i am currently looking for jobs. The financial situation we are in since renting from our old land lady is not good, and we are working on getting out of debt again.

In the meantime, we take one day at a time and i have made it my mission to try to make the most out of every day. This lovely December evening we hang out in bed, drink tea and cuddle some pets.

Have a good one!

Friday, June 8, 2012

My brother's graduation

Graduation gifts from an older brother to his younger brother.
So here is what i did with the white frame from earlier: a small collage for my brother, as his graduation is today. It's a pretty big deal and everyone is so proud of him!

The collage is made of origami paper in three different shades of blue, a picture of my brother and me from when we were kids (it's me in the striped hat and him in the Mickey Mouse one), a four-leaf clover, and a small student hat that i just drew and cut from paper. The text on the frame translates: "Graduation 8/6/2012" and the text on the card "Congratulations for your graduation Johan (which is his name), and good luck!"

The envelope to the right is made by just folding a sheet of lettering paper in two and putting clear tape on the sides. In it is the gift from my partner and me: a home made gift certificate saying that we will help him pay for his first tattoo (which he longs for). There is also a letter from me.

Happy graduation day,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday present for my younger brother

 I often find it difficult to craft things for my brother, who usually says that everything, not just crafts, but everything i do is terribly embarrassing. However, this time i took a chance and made a case for an iPod and a matching pouch to keep the USB cords in. The case has a J embroidered on it, which is his initial (as well as mine). He is now 19 years old, my little brother. Time runs so fast!
iPod case when opened
iPod case and pouch
They are made of a blue small squared fabric, and lined with a white flowery one. The case also has a layer of fleece in between the other fabrics, to give some protection for the iPod when in his bag.
The gift, wrapped up and ready
An origami peace dove
carrying the birthday card

I also painted a wooden frame white, for another project that i will show you on Friday.

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An adventure...

...a dream coming true!

I have this idea that i would like to live on the countryside, with plants, animals and people whom i love close to me. Recently my fiancé and i moved to a small red house in the woods, and we are loving it! We rent the house, and there is a lot to do here, which is why we this year have decided to just go along, do some gardening and see what's already growing there (because it's growing alright, it's more about digging out the garden from under all the plants rather than looking for seedlings in the soil)...

The purpose of the blog is to keep some track of time, as it seems to both fly away to nothingness out here, and be enough for so much more than it used to, at the same time! It would also be nice to connect with crafty people out there, and to be able to show off some of the things i make. One could say that i more or less just want a place where i can ramble on and on about things i like, and where there (hopefully) is someone to ramble with me :)

See you soon,